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Organic olive oil, is the pure juice of the olive and therefore, the benefit of olive oil is that it has got many properties which are highly beneficial to our health. The composition of olive oil depends basically on the variety of the olives as well as on the land where they are grown, type of cultivation and climate. The consumption of organic olive oil, means a very important step towards a healthy and balanced diet.

The benefit of olive oil from organic agriculture is that we are actually talking about a gourmet olive oil which has recovered the flavour, aroma, colour and physical-chemical properties that it used to have in the past.

Olive tree for making extra virgin organic olive oil

More about organic olive oil

The conscientious production of organic olive oil, implies the maximum respect to environment, as only natural products are used when farming olive groves and, consequently, these crops remain free of all those chemical products which cause enormous damage to the ecosystem and to human health. Severe quality controls guarantee through the organic certification that this kind of olive oil bottle is truly organic. Likewise, the processes of cold pressing of the olive oil, as well as the cutting edge techniques used to avoid the production of OMWs (Olive Oil Mills Waste Waters), lead to a healthy and natural product, with several beneficial properties to our health and which is totally respectful to nature.

Since ancient times in Andalusia, Spain, olive groves farming and therefore, cooking with olive oil has been closely linked to the culture of our people; for its economic value and also for being a basic ingredient that has been always present in our spanish diet and Mediterranean. Organic olive oil, is a real gourmet olive oil and presents an unadulterated flavour, apart from having widely recognized pharmacologic and therapeutic powers, and also from being commonly used in the cosmetic industry for skin care, olive oil soap among others. In addition, organic olive oil is always extra virgin. The excellent acceptance, as well as the strong and expanding demand for organic olive oil from abroad, makes us foresee the enormous potential of this product. To buy organic extra virgin olive oil bottle is more cheap nowadays. The awareness among people of organic products is causing a considerable increment in the demand, which promotes an increase in its production and also that its price becomes similar to that of conventional olive oil bottle.

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